If the story is about discovery, with adventure and a quest, what do the characters discover? And what do they discover about themselves?
Well…I guess I need characters first for that.
Erin, Jennifer, something, is the Marine Biologist. She was a surfer in her teens, but was bitten in the leg by a shark. She grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. She wanted to be a world class surfer but the shark attack changed that. She decided to study sharks instead, with hopes of finding something that deter attacks on surfers. At least, that was her initial goal. Now she just wants to save them. However, she is affraid of them and wont get into the water or cage with them. In trying to get over this fear, she lets the shark hunters talk her into getting into the cage. And of course something horrible happens. She knows how to scuba dive, and has been in a deep sea submersible before. She has a degree in chemistry, one in biology, and now is getting her ph.d. in marine biology. She’s studius and a little shy around men?