Day three of the plan.
Dr. Erin Summers, called “Summer” by her coworkers, is a researcher for the Monterrey Oceanographic Institute. She is researching a chemical shark repellant and searching for the mysterious shark that bit her when she was a teen. This mysterious shark had a unique bite pattern and unique teeth. She has a tooth that had been pulled from her leg. The tooth is serrated and saber shaped (curved with a secondary curve at the top). Rumor and folklore indicate that the tooth is from a Saber Shark, known to be extinct since the 1500s.

“Dr. Summers,” the first mate called to her. She turned from counting the boxes that had just been loaded on to the to see an enormous man standing next to the first mate. He was the blackest black man she had ever seen. He appeared to be completely bald, with small ears, and wide-set eyes. He was the strangest man she had ever seen. She reminded herself that she was open to all who came on this journey with her, strange or not.
“This is Bruno,” The first mate, Larry, said. The man didn’t smile, but he did twitch is lips – very thin lips for a black man – slightly. His nose was flat against his upper lip, and his ears seemed further back on his head than normal.
She realized that she was staring.
“Bruno’s going to do the heavy lifting around here, and help out with the cage and baiting,” Larry went on. Bruno watched her, his face expressionless.
She said “hi” to cover the awkwardness. He didn’t smile in return or move. He was still, like a predator waiting for some signal from its prey. She felt a little creeped out.
“Where are you from?” She hadn’t meant to ask but it popped out.
“South Africa” he said in softy. It sounded like Sout(h) Ah-freak(a).
He held a 30 pound canister of oxygen under his arm as if it were a rolled up newspaper. He had on a gray tank-top, a pair of cargo shorts, and boat shoes. He was obviously in excellent shape. She caught herself watching the muscles ripple under his shirt. She snapped her eyes up to his face, and found that he still watched her.
She looked away and caught Chaz, her assistant, looking at her. He widened his eyes indicating some opinion and smiled, turning back to their boxes of instruments. She straightened the papers on her clipboard and read off the next line on the inventory.
Bruno went back to whatever he was doing. Loading equipment. She felt strangely aware of him. She glanced over her shoulder and caught him looking at her right before he deposited another box.
She shook her head to get her attention back.