Plot: the sequence of events revolving around a character(s) trying to reach a goal.
Sequence of events…
Captain Mike and his First Mate discover the convergence of sharks off the coast of South Africa and go diving. They find a shrine and take an item that they think might be valuable.
The Saber shark community finds out about this. The shark community in general is pissed off, because it was their shrine and their item. Shark attacks on humans increases. Shark man is tasked with retrieving the item at any cost.
Dr. Katz is friends with Captain Mike. When Summer and her assistant get funding to do a shark bite/chemical repellant test, Dr. Katz suggests Captain Mike’s boat, in Perth.
Dr. Katz, Summer, and Chaz load their stuff on Captain Mike’s boat. The First Mate hires someone to do the grunt work – Shark man.
Captain Mike takes them out near Perth. There are not enough sharks, or the sharks are not willing to bite the test thingy. Captain Mike tells them of the cool shark convergence he saw, and for some extra $, they travel to the coast of South Africa.
On the trip, Captain Mike gets Summer to talk about her shark bite experience. She shows off the possible Saber shark tooth, which she carries in a bag around her throat. Shark man reacts strangely to her tale. Captain Mike shows off the item, and the group (except Shark man) share tall tales about Atlantis.
They arrive at the convergence, and Captain Mike talks Summer into getting into the cage and diving (her big fear). Shark man has figured out something about her at this point and is against this idea, but he’s got other things to do. Chaz is against the idea, but Dr. Katz is for it. ‘In the name of science.’ Shark man sneaks into the cabin to steal the item. The bated test thingy is dropped in the water, Summer dives, and the sharks go crazy.
Several large great whites attack the cage and the boat. Chaz tries to get the cage up because Shark man is fighting with Captain Mike.
The fight escallates and the First Mate and Dr. Katz join in. Dr. Katz is pushed into the water, Captain Mike is killed. Chaz screams about Summer being attacked. Shark man dives into the water to save Summer. The boat is knocked over and starts to sink.
Shark man drives the other sharks away from Summer’s cage, which is dented, and rips the cage open. He grabs her hand just as the boat starts to sink, and pulls her deeper into the water. She’s got air, so she’s okay. He takes her to the shrine.

and I’m out of time …