Plot continued.
So the boat is sunk.
Shark man has the item, and takes Summer deep into the water through the Shark Convergence. She’s got her diving suit on, so she can breathe, but she’s worried about the depth – and that Bruno doesn’t have any suit on, yet he seems perfectly fine. He takes her to the shrine, installs the item, and leads her through a cataract to the Saber shark city. Others like Bruno are around, some as sharks and some as people. All with black skin (like an orca) with graphite gray underbellies. The people are bald and unclothed. Women and men are obviously different, although she couldn’t tell about the sharks.
Bruno takes her to a temple, where some ruler type congratulates him on his successful quest, but questions her presence. Bruno has her remove her scuba gear, assuring her that she can breathe. She’s pretty amazed at this point, so what’s one more amazing thing? She removes her gear, and at Bruno’s request, shows off the bite mark in her leg and the tooth she always carries in the pouch around her neck. The ruler is impressed for some reason, and Bruno takes her to a special room with a pool that is made up of some glowing and swirly colors. (hard to say liquid in an already liquid environment, but) He explains that he bit her when he as an older pup – during a time when, in his culture, he is supposed to be finding a mate. He didn’t intend to loose a tooth but it happened, and now she has the choice of either becoming a Saber shark (he probably explains some of their history), or becoming the lunch of a Saber shark. Kill or be Killed – the society must be protected. He can’t afford to trust her to not give away their secret based on something she said earlier
[so -earlier before the cage thing, the first mate encourages her to tell her shark attack story – something along the lines of “I can’t believe you’re a marine biologist who doesn’t want to get in the water with her target.” And then Bruno asks her all sorts of questions about what she’d do if she actually saw a Saber shark, and would she capture it and take it to her lab. And she says no, if I found the only Saber shark alive, I wouldn’t kill it. That would be causing its species extinction. And if she found two, then she’d leave them because that’s really sad that there were only two, and all animals should have like animals and wouldn’t it be lonely to be the only two. So Bruno asks her what if she found a whole colony? Would she run her tests then? Dr. Katz and Chaz say Yes. She said she didn’t know, but she’d certainly try out her chemical shark repellant. And Bruno asks about the shark repellant – and she explains what the whole trip is about.]
So – kill or be killed. Join the group, which makes her keep the secret, or die. So she joins the group. She figures she’s hallucinating and probably drowning, so why not be adventurous (which harkens back to her interior goal of protecting people and discovery) and see what happens.
She goes into the pool and comes out a Saber shark.
Somehow, her transformation into a shark fulfills some inner need. Which means that she’d always been alienated (since her shark attack as a teen) and now she’s found home. All that in the next 23 days 🙂