Day 7 of the 30 day write a story, which is inside of the 100 words for 100 days.
The ending
Bruno, or whatever name she should call him – Saber shark-man, took her through an arched passageway, down a few steps – which was interesting because he walked down them and she sort of bobbed down – and into a round space about the size of a large conference hall. The edges of the space dropped off, and she could see a spire of some other building in the distance, along with schools of Saber sharks swimming a long. She wondered if Saber shark young had schools. Blinking to bring her mind back into focus, she noticed Bruno patiently waiting for her. He seemed patient at least. He gave her a shark-toothy smile that she supposed was reassuring but actually looked quite menacing.
He gestured for her to proceed him.
“When in Atlantis, right?” she said, bobbing past him.
He didn’t respond, which she figured either meant he didn’t understand the reference or he didn’t like the joke.
In the center of the space, she could see a structure with ornately carved columns. The ceiling above the structure – it looked like a garden folly she’d once seen on a BBS murder mystery special, the kind where the lovers would sneak off to – had stalactites reaching for the domed roof. It was sort of Greek, just as a lot of the architecture in this underwater city, and sort of bandstand like. He gestured for her to go up the steps. The carving on the columns turned out to be clam shells turning into flowers and flower buds opening up into clams.
In the center of the folly, there was a pool of swirling colors. It reminded her of a fairy jar she’d seen at a Renaissance Faire she’d been to in Modesto. The jar had had some sort of thick liquid in it that had sparkles. When you turned the jar, the colors swirled and made interesting patterns. The liquid in this case also glowed. It looked not thick, but not clear like the salt water she was in. Breathing in. Her mind boggled for a moment.
“It is your time,” Bruno announced from the bottom of the steps.
She turned to look at him, and noticed that the room had filled up with other shark men and women.
“Time,” they echoed him like a Greek chorus.
“Time for what?”
“Decide, Summer-one. My would-be mate.”
“Decide” the chorus said.
“What do you mean? Decide what?” She turned to the group, but only Bruno spoke.
“Decide if you want to kill or be killed.”