And I have no interest in shape-changing sharks today. And that’s probably because I’ve mostly outlined the story and so, in my lazy mind, I’ve finished the story. Do other writers have that problem? Outlining is not writing, I know that. It is not goal, conflict, disaster, then reaction, dilemma, and decision. It is not motivation and reaction – although I have outlined a story like that. And have I written that story? nope.
But “pantsing” is not working either.
Could it be that 5:41am is not a good time to get the brain into story writing mode? That doesn’t matter – it’s the time that I have. (Whine whine whine. Monday. Oh boy!)
Summer. Summer’s internal goal is to help people via discovery. So, she’s discovered this hidden society of Saber sharks who can turn into humans. And now she’s about to be turned into one or eaten.

She sat down at the edge of the pool and spoke just to Bruno. Ignoring the chorus, who were probably going to eat her anyway. Who were probably a figment of her dying mind, and since she was drowning (and boy howdy, it sure is taking a long time) anyway, she might as well have a full explanation before the end. Then she could move into the afterlife and be at peace.
“Because you will reveal us to the world, and we will end up being dissected upon the alter of your God, science.”
“I get that part. Your king or ruler or whatever you call him.”
“Caetus make it clear that your quest was to get the item back so that mankind doesn’t investigate. And I have an opinion about that. But, why me? Why did you bite me in the first place? why am I a candidate to become a shark? Why did you learn to be human in the first place? How did this happen?”
Bruno paced in his little circles, which she now recognized as a shark figured eight pattern. The pattern that the shark does when it is agitated and looking for more information about its prey.
“I bit you,” he started and then paced a little faster. “You were not supposed to be human.”
She wasn’t sure what to say. So she just waited.