It was an epic journey from the west coast to the east. It involved an uninteresting drive from Tucson to Phoenix (an hour earlier than planned due to traffic worries), followed by an easy check in. The flight from Phoenix to Newark was on time. The Davesleys arrived at a different terminal, so I wandered over to meet them. We had breakfast and then wandered back to the proper terminal.
Surprise, our flight was now 4 hours later.
So we immediately went to the bar – because, really, where else does one go to spend/waste time? And we had a lot of time to spend in Sky Harbor. Our flight was out of the small arm of one of the terminals, so the shop and food selection was limited. But we shopped and ate anyway.
We played cards. We read. We people watched. Southwest Airlines offered a $100 for the inconvenience of sitting around. The gate attendants suggested that we hang out in the terminal (instead of going to the center of the airport where the more interesting shops are) because something might change. The only change that happened was a 10 minute modification (to the better) of the time of departure.
Our receiving party arranged for a shuttle to take us to our destination, once we arrived in NJ. That was good because the roads around NYC/Newark were all under construction and had accidents. The van driver was very personable, luckily, and told us lots of stories about growing up in NJ. State Shuttle, I think the name was. Doug was the driver. Good guy. His wife works for Chanel perfume in Times Square. I admit, I had a Sex in the City flash, followed by a rural-born shudder.
At our destination, we were pleasantly surprised to see both Jebidiah Hebidiah Springfield Bloodletter and Whites of his Eyes Bors (but not Whites of his Eyes Chang – who is probably fishing this weekend.) Also in attendance were our hosts (Random and Birdy) and the Austin Brothers. The whiskey, no surprise, was flowing. The firepit out on the desk was providing ambience but not a lot of heat, and it was peaceful.
So here I am (born to be king?)
WOot Drinking on The Hill