Epic drunk – not for me, amazingly enough. DoTH includes games of various sorts. The morning started with Cards Against Humanity out on the deck with drinks. Then there was a series of timed events: archery, cornhole, adult sized “beer” pong (which had no actual beer or liquid in the “glass”), Kube (a Viking game), and chugging three cups of the beverage of choice.
And then Cards Against Humanity again, and the Game of Throwns version of Cards Against Humanity. And more drinking. At some point, everyone abandoned the deck and went down to the bar downstairs. And a few of us decided that bed might be a good thing. Ha.
So, about 2 hours later, there were ‘sux to be u’ phone calls to everyone on Southy’s phone list, and lots of giggles. And Daveo was brought to bed, which he fell off of a few times, and then he had some moany-screamy nightmares. Mrs. O was not amused. And Jebidiah Hebidiah fell asleep in a chair and fell out of it. Lots of noise and minimal sleep. Daveo just asked “how did I get back upstairs” and the response was “you took the magic elevator” And now he’s signing 🙂
Ah well. Good times.
How is it, Daveo, that I get blackout drunk and spend the rest of the next day barfing, but you? Singing and laughing and ah. GOod times.