Woke up this morning to fog/mist. Very pretty. At the moment, the view from the deck is white. It looks like there is no world beyond the edge of the deck.
Yesterday… Lots of Cards Against Humanity and French 75s. Not much else. We were supposed to go down the street to the neighbor’s house for a birthday party. Dave the neighbor has a pool – so there was some discussion about swimming, and in fact, most of us had packed swimsuits. The only person who went in the pool (in his pants) was Jebidiah. We kept a special eye out to see that he kept his head above water. He was, as most of us were, drunky. The party was nice. The setting included a large house set back from the street behind a lovely mowed lawn. The back of the house was a nice rectangle pool with diving board (which meant it was at least 10 feet deep), and a gazebo, and a separate building (which used to be a garage) which was in the process of being turned into a beer brewing center. There were many places to sit and socialize. A party house for certain. Beyond the pool, the land sloped away to the rest of the hill. Random and Dave the Birthday Boy set up fireworks – which went off from down the hill – so they were very loud. Awesome display.
Ross, Birdy’s coworker, and his daughter Hannah had come over from where ever they live. Birdy had some trepidation about Hannah joining in on CAH, but she’s tough. She’s almost 17 and yeah. I guess you get some education wherever you go. She reminded me of my niece a little.
The plan for today includes…drinking I guess. There was talk about tubing on the Delaware. I’d like to see the river if nothing else.
Oh – The biggest surprise from yesterday was that Katana showed up. She’d been out to see her family in Delaware, and now she’s with us for the weekend. An excellent addition to the craziness.