Sunday’s events:
Sluggish responsiveness to movement due to the late night before. Kensley declared that it was her turn – so she went for it with gusto. Jebidiah, Bors, Katana, Birdy, and I went for a drive to the Delaware Water Gap and to hike to some waterfalls (Bushkill). The waterfall parking lot was so very full, we decided to not attempt it. Of course, we had to wait to get out. Birdy is not patient in terms of waiting for persons to get out of the way, and she and Bors almost got in a fight with some guy trying to get a space. Silly.
We went to the edge of the river after that – very nice. Had a short walk in a camping area – which would have been a really cool place to camp. Took pictures of course.
Stopped in Buttzville at Johnny’s Hot Dogs because it is supposed to be world famous. I had Birch beer (similar to root beer) and fries.
The other group went to the Tavern and sang and drank. When both groups came together, it was obvious that some people had to catch up. And there was a noticeable volume difference.
No CAH that day, but some good “no shit there I was” stories.
This morning, everyone is moving a little slowly. The hosts are ready for us to go, and I think most of us are ready to go – but not to say goodbye. NJ is far, far from CA and the time between visits can be too long.
A good time. Hopefully to happen again soon 🙂