Why is it that short work weeks always take the longest?
And – this time last week, I was in New Jersey. It has already been a week. Wow. The passage of time is amazing.
Murder or Theft. I suspect it would be easier for me to imagine stealing something than killing someone. I also suspect the investigation process is similar in that the detective would have to determine opportunity, motive, and means. How, why, when.
The key question words that should appear in any story and probably in any scene. Who what why where when how.
What? The Osprey research vessel, which belongs to some oceanographic research company that was on loan to Prof. Katz. It was scuttled. Equipment may have been stolen.
Where? The harbor where it was docked.
When? Sometime in the early morning.
How? A hole was put into the bottom. Further inspection indicated a jagged rip (like a bite) possibly caused by some sort of clamp or hook? Inspectors are not sure.
Who? [Bruno or Katz]
Why? [Anger. Bruno destroyed the boat because he could not find what he was looking for and it pissed him off.
or Manipulation. Katz wanted the research to happen on Captain Mike’s boat for some reason.]
The Who and Why are what the detective, Summer, and Chas want to know. Prof. Katz might know.
Theories of the detective/Summer/Chas/Katz:

  • Insurance fraud [detective]
  • Eco-terrorism [Katz, Summer, Chas]
  • Rival researchers [Chas]
  • Drug runners[Katz]

Any number of theories could come up depending on the setting and characters’ filters and agendas.