So here we are again, at the parent’s house out in the boonies. Hurricane Norbert and the remnants of Tropical Storm Dolly are supposed to bring us widespread rain and the possibility of flooding. Fingers are crossed for the rain and I’m okay with flooding. I don’t have to go anywhere.
Played DnD last night with the group in SV. Not much of a game, but at least it was in person and social. We’ve been playing via Skype, which is fun, but it cuts down on the actual roll playing.
My whatifometer suggested that I write about a fantasy setting with a mystery based on a declining kingdom and a band of bards who are desperate for money. Not sure what the actual mystery is yet. Possibly a “bring back the old royal family” scenario, or maybe who stole the item/get the item quest, or who killed some important person. Might be fun. I suspected that several of the members of the performing group (bards) had additional secret agendas besides going on tour to make money; like spying. The spying bard/band thing is not a new idea to me, but I haven’t had the jones to write it really, or plan it out. Because it is obvious at this point in my 100 word journey that I’m good with the whatifometer but not so hot on execution. Whine.
No whining. Only wine-ing.
Go Norbert! Happy Saturday