Word of the day:
adjective : equivalent in value, significance, or effect

Dictionary.com has
\ pah-LAH-vrah \ , noun;
1.Spanish . a word.
2.Spanish . speech; talk.
Palabra came to English from Spanish in the early 1600s.
I’ve only used palabra as itself, while speaking Spanish. I haven’t used it when speaking English.

NY Times word of the day is:
licentious •\lī-ˈsen(t)-shəs\• adjective
: lacking moral discipline; especially sexually unrestrained

Tantamount, palabra, licentious

“What is the palabra tantamount to licentious?” I read the convoluted puzzle question out of the morning paper. My darling wife, in the midst of pouring more coffee into my cup, froze for a second and then finished.
“Joe,” she answered with a smirk.
“Me? Why me?”
“After last night’s party? I don’t think anyone has any doubts.”
I bit my lip and tried to remember last night’s party. We’d gathered at the Kellys’ to have a cocktail before going across the street to the Red Fox Room, where we had another cocktail with our prime rib. I remembered laughing and hamming it up when the lounge singer started playing the piano. Stevie had joined me. There might have been shots involved. Then we moved across the street to Gilly’s. Had a beer. The girls went somewhere. The bathroom or something? It seems like they were gone for a while.
“Where did you go last night?” I asked. My wife watched me struggle to reconstruct the evening with a small amused smile dancing about her compressed lips.
“At Gilly’s.”
“We didn’t go to Gilly’s.” The way she said ‘we’ came out as a royal we. “You and Steve went to Gilly’s. Sarah and I went home.”
I sighed. “Was that before or after I made an ass out of myself?”
“Oh, you remember?”
“Not really, but your actions are giving me a clue.”
“You’re lucky you got just eggs in your eggs this morning, buddy.”
She turned and put the coffee pot back on the warmer.
Oh man. I must have really messed up. Licentious huh?
“I’ll give you a hint,” she said as she cleared the breakfast dishes from the kitchen table. “Purple sparkles.”
Purple sparkles? Nothing came to mind.
“And the funny thing was, she wasn’t even a she.”
I blinked and almost dropped my coffee cup.
She laughed and walked into the kitchen.