This mornings whatifometer reading shows a slight up take in the bizarro factor.
What if all of those celebrities and people who are seriously invested in looking young forever actually make a deal with a nefarious force to live forever. But when they reach a certain age, the agent that makes them appear young and wrinkle free, actually kills them and replaces them (their soul) with an alien. They look the same, but they are not alive and they are not really people anymore. The nefarious force wants to take over the world using these dopplegangers. The hero, once he becomes aware of these fakes, can tell an infected person by the butterflies that swarm them when they are outside. So they are called ‘butterfly people.’
The nefarious force could be the devil and demon souls are placed in the bodies, or evil aliens with baby aliens being placed in the bodies. Once the world is conquered, the devil or aliens could move on to conquer some other world, or this could be their heaven – just remove the inhabitants.
Not a new topic really. Invasion of the Body Snatchers comes to mind. The slight twist in this one is that the human person chooses to have the infection. It’s all the rage to look eternally young. Yep – I’m thinking of Joan Rivers (may she rest in peace), and I don’t mean disrespect – but she sure didn’t look 81.
Monday morning aliens 🙂