The detective looked at the evidence. A naked body. A block of cheese. The passenger door from a Volvo. Two gold teeth. And a Led Zeppelin album. It all fit so perfectly. He knew who did it.

Who – a naked body
What – a death I guess
Where – a car crash on the street? A warehouse with a passenger door from a Volvo? inside of the Volvo?
When – ?
How – ?
Why – ?
There are a lot of suppositions here. Let’s say the two gold teeth belong to the killer, which means that he or she lost them in the struggle, which means that the naked body struggled before it was killed, which means that it was a somewhat violent end. The block of cheese came from a local deli, which means that either the killer or the victim were locals. Maybe both, but who ever owns the car probably purchased the cheese. The cheese still has its wrapper (indicating the local deli). The cheese is in the car, in the passenger seat. The passenger door is missing. The car is a Volvo, which means that the owner has a middle-class income (maybe? I don’t know anything about Volvo, so that’s a research point), but it’s an older model, so maybe a used car. What took the door off? The Led Zep album, let’s say CD in the CD player, is set to play In the Evening over and over. So the owner has some fixation with that song, or the person playing the CD does, or the CD player is broken and it only plays one song over and over. But why would you use it then? What does the song tell us about the owner? I guess it depends on who owns it. A lot depends on who owns the car I think. I suspect the dead body owns the car.
So here’s what happened.
Mr. Body was playing In the Evening over and over, trying to find decipher that secret lyric hidden under the synthesized guitar sound in the beginning. He sang it while nibbling on a piece of muenster that he’d just purchased from Dan’s Deli on 5th. “Good muenster,” he said, and that finished the spell of summoning. The Muenster Demon, a monster of great strength and many tentacles and a large mouth with gold teeth, appeared in the back seat, and as there was no protective circle holding the demon in, immediately attacked the mortal who summoned it. Muenster Demons like clothes, so Mr. Body lost his life and his clothes. The demon exited out the passenger door – taking it off at the hinges. It all fits perfectly.