There is a lunch room at my workplace that has a “World Market,” in which one can purchase sodas, sandwiches, snacks, and supposedly healthy things. The company that runs the “World Market” recently replaced its kiosk with a newer, smarter version. This new, smart kiosk has a thumbprint scanner. I find this to be the ultimate in laziness. “Don’t remember your password? Don’t want to carry cash or a credit card? Just use your thumb!”
It also creeps me out a little. I had my fingerprints taken when I was in middle school, along with all of my classmates. It was the thing to do at the time. So, now (if I use this scanner) this company will also have my thumbprint on file somewhere.
Of course, my whatifometer started to ping.
In the future, I see laziness as the cause of our loss of freedoms. Soon, an infant at its one year birthday (outside of the womb) will be taken into the government center/hospital to have its official id implanted in its palm and in its neck (which is less likely to be removed from the body than an appendage). This id will contain all of the information a government/marketing firm could want, including demographic data, health status and blood type, related records of its parents, its social security registration, its potential to become a criminal based on its demographic data and its parents’ records, and more. The list could be endless.
Once registered the child will never be lost, never have a fake id, never sneak out of the house to meet a girl and snog under a tree. Again, the list is endless. Undocumented immigrants? No chance. The world compu-guard will catch all. The all seeing eye in the sky. Criminals will, of course, have to get smarter.