A runaway princess and a thief must save the city from a vengeful sea god.
At about ten minutes to 4 am this morning, my back brain told me that the world of Corrisande and the moon princess (who obviously needs a name) is the same world. They run to the same free-hold city (at different times of course. or maybe not?)
That free-hold city is on the coast. Corrisande comes from a small northern kingdom, and between that kingdom and the free-hold city is the Emerald Empire (elves). South and east of the free-hold city is the desert where the moon princess (Shaelin…man, I had a name for her I thought. His name was Zildjar (zildjian is a cymbal company) of something. He is also a thief. I guess I have that princess/thief thing running through my brain.) The free-hold city at the time of Corrisande is run by a merchant who has ties to a strong thieves’ guild. The thieves’ guild does all of the heavy lifting and the merchant is the figure head. Also strong in the city are two religions. One is of the sea god (who gets mad) and one is of some other benign god. Corrisande and Gyles retrieve sacred items belonging to the benign god after the sea god causes a massive flood (almost sinking the island/isthmus city) and eventually negotiate a peace between the gods. And then they are taken off to Corrisande’s kingdom where she has to go back to being a princess.
After the fall of the sea god, there is a change in leadership of the guild and Shaelin (place name) and Zildjar somehow end up in control – Shaelin does. Not sure what happens to Zildjar. He turns into a James Bond-ish type of spy I think. Shaelin runs the city, with her magic stone, never to return to the desert.
A yes – another magic stone. Corrisande has a larger magic crystal ball. Shaelin’s orb is white and reflective like a cats eye.
Not sure why, but Lovefool by The Cardigans has been playing in the background when I think of Corrisande.
Shaelin/Zildjar is based on After the rain has fallen .