I’m reading a book I was looking forward to because it was about Rock-n-roll. Well, it’s not really. It’s got an extravagant amount of sex and the male lead (who is the rockstar and boyfriend of the heroine ) is in a band and they go on tour. But mostly it is about sex and the heroine’s introduction to that world. It is very 50 Shades of Grey actually. And it has two parts. Here was the first part, where the librarian meets to the rockstar and they have an affair that turns into “love,” but actually seems like just sex and some sharing of life secrets. She finally realizes that she wants to be with him for the rest of her life which is what he was after for the beginning (without much motivation in my mind), and I thought, Okay good. Then I turned the page and “Part Two” and I was sad. Because “Part Two” meant that they had not reached their happily ever after and that they’d be going on to something else. It was disappointing.
I read on. Part Two so far has been in his world (not that he stepped in to her librarian world much) of touring and partying – although he doesn’t seem to party. It’s all so very up and up. He’s definitely got a sex addition though, and so they have lots and lots of sex – to the point that I’m skipping ahead because I’ve tired of the “oh, he’s my whole world” after she orgasms. Sorry kids, but relationships do not run on just sex. Sure, he knows her fears, and she still doesn’t really know anything about him. And I’m just about at the point where I don’t care. He’s got a temper, and he uses it in sex, and he’s very possessive and moody and really? She’s all about it. Bleck.
And I’m probably going to finish reading because it’s all very sordid now.
There’s no goal. They don’t have a goal!
Just realized that. She doesn’t have a goal. She’s got all she wants – a hot guy, lots of sex, money. He’s doing what he’s always wanted (music). What are they going to do for the next 30% of the book (besides have sex)? I suppose the stated goal was to live in the open together and not be bothered by the media (which has been the main protagonist in the story). Yippee.
AH well. Maybe it will turn into a late in the 3rd quarter murder mystery.