Finished the book from yesterday. Left me kinda Meh. The rockstar asked the girl to marry him during a concert. The fans went wild!
Finished the Nora Roberts book I was reading before I got sucked into the rockstar book. It also ended with the tough guy asking the girl to marry him. Yipee.
Then I read a YA book about a girl who is pretending to be a psychic, but is actually a psychic. The home coming queen from the school is murdered, and comes to the psychic in a dream. Queen asks the psychic to tell the police and her parents that she’s dead and that she’s okay on the other side. Psychic tells the police, and is arrested for murdering the girl (because she had too many details). It was interesting. The psychic and the ghost proved the psychic wasn’t the murder and lead the police to the real murder, all while the psychic was in jail. It was a fast read.
Found a new writing book that I think I’ll purchase. Writer’s Little Helper, by Jim Smith. It actually talks about word usage, which is unusual in a writing book.
The other books mentioned were Maggie Rising, Rock Addiction, and Night Moves