Odile is a French name meaning “wealthy, fortunate.” Odile is a variant of the Old German name Odila, and its meaning is “fortunate or prosperous in battle”. St. Odile of Alsace, patron saint of the blind (she was born blind but received her sight when she was baptized).
Just an FYI there.
Merriam-Webster’s word of the day:
divarication \dye-vair-uh-KAY-shun\ DEFINITION
1: the action, process, or fact of spreading apart
2: a divergence of opinion
Word Think’s word of the day:
Endemic adj.
Native to a specific region or environment and not occurring naturally anywhere else. “Malaria is endemic in tropical climates.” (n.) An endemic plant or animal.

Hurricane Odile is hitting the Baja peninsula of Mexico and heading north west. It is supposed to bring rain to the Southwest region of the U.S., which may or may not include San Diego and the rest of Southern California. That area needs rain desperately. Arizona does not need (amazing to say) the rain so much. But if it happens, I’d not turn it down (as if).
Wealthy, fortunate, or prosperous in battle; spreading apart; and native to a specific region.

Duke Horace noticed the diverication of his troops. He stood at the end of the hill out side of his tent, looking down through his spyglass at the army gathered there. It was doing a capture the flag exercise. Those endemic to this southern region with its hot and dry weather tended to be more prosperous in battle. He wondered how he could bring the northern troops more into line.
Perhaps send them out on a survival hike to the next oasis? Or into the mountains where the nighttime temperatures diverged from the daytime temperatures by a good 50 degrees? Or both? Maybe he could find an enterprising native trooper to give the northerners some tips?
Pondering this, he went back into his tent, not noticing the threatening clouds. There were always threatening clouds this time of year that brought almost daily brief showers. The rain came as expected, and he thought nothing of it.
When the wind tore the tent off its lines and sent it swirling off to the cacti, he looked. What had once been a dry gully where the army had camped was now a rushing river. Now all were on a survival trip, not just the northerners.