Found some notes on my Corrisande story. It turns out that the item that Corrisande and Gyles were looking for was a temple acolyte turned into a chalice. I didn’t read the entire section, but I suspect the girl was turned into a chalice by some evil sorcerer who lives in the city. The notes had a map and surprise! the map looked like most of my other maps – even with similar names. There must be some subconscious force that makes me want to draw a map like that. I wonder where the real coastline is and perhaps I should be there.
All of my imaginary coastlines have cliffs that are a mix between the Sunset Cliffs (San Diego) and the haystacks of the Oregon coast, and perhaps a touch of the Gothic New England coast described in various books. I suspect the cool multilevel house with the large deck and stairs leading down to the water makes it Gothic. Who lives in that spooky house on the cliff? Does the house have a cave underneath it where pirate treasure is hidden? The Corrisande story doesn’t have a house like that but it could.
House on the Hill LOL