I mostly made it to 100 words in 100 days. I may have missed a few, so I’ll finish out this week (tomorrow and Friday) with some extra words. Did I accomplish my goal of writing every day? Yes. Did I learn something? Yes, I learned that I just have to make time to write and that people around me will let me write if I make it quick (no more than 30 minutes). I can write more than 100 words (which I knew) without much trouble. To get over writers block, just look for prompts and don’t get too wrapped up in making things perfect. Did I achieve everything I set out to do? No, the shark story flopped, but that’s okay. I might go back to it.
Now what?
My next step is to actually work on my writing – whatever stories that happen to come up. Corrisande is on my mind, so I guess that’s the one I’ll work on. I definitely want to learn how to plot out a story and then write it (instead of writing it and then wondering if I got everything in the correct spot), and learn how to envision the ending, and write that. I have work to do in writingland, and that’s okay.

It’s Wednesday and the local authorities are freaking out about the possible heavy rains coming our way from Odile. I have a faint hope that work will call and say “stay home and work” but I suspect that is not going to happen.