So I didn’t log back in yesterday to write more. Bad writer – no cookie.
This writing prompt makes me laugh:
At his wedding, Samwise Gamgee’s PTSD is triggered by the sight of the wedding rings. (writing prompts).

A statue comes to life and tells a story. What’s the story?

Once upon a time, I was free. Once upon a time, I was a god who held dominion over all of the oceans. The sea creatures did my bidding. Then came the fisherman’s wife. What a lovely human. She had flowing yellow hair that streamed like kelp in the tide. She had grace and curves like the waves above.
One day, I was visiting my favorite garden, speaking with my friend Octopus Prime, when a fishing boat went over. It stopped just over the south end of the garden, and dropped an anchor right into the sea roses. Octopus Prime was less than amused. I said I’d take care of it, and wandered over to unhook the anchor. I heard a commotion above – which only I could hear. Mostly, sound does not travel in my realm as it does in the human air-filled realm. There seemed to be some sort of domestic dispute going on, which reminded me of the sea gulls fighting over a piece of left-over shark meal. The argument came to some sort of solution and a form came off of the boat. It sank down into the water.
It was the girl and she appeared to be unconscious, and would drown as most mortals do, within moments. Octopus Prime found this to be very offensive. It was one thing to drop an anchor into his sea roses, but quite another to dump a body. But what a pretty body. I decided, on a whim, that whatever the argument had been about, she didn’t deserve to drown. So I put a bubble of air around her so that she could breathe, unhooked the anchor, and sent out a wave to wash the boat away.
Octopus Prime and I went back to our tea, and we watched the girl in the bubble. When she awoke, she looked around and then, surprisingly, didn’t scream. She rubbed her head and then looked out at us. She smiled.
Captivated by both her smile and her bravery, I took my leave of Octopus Prime and took the girl in her bubble away to my summer house – which is off the east coast of America.
“Where are we going?” she asked, showing more curiosity than fear.
I explained and proceeded to show her around once we arrived. She was impressed and asked all sorts of intelligent questions, like what was my favorite sea creature? Her favorite was the blue whale. I agreed that was a wonderful creature. Did I ever get to the surface? Did I ever watch the sunset from near the beach? Did I ever ride dolphins?
Of course I had done all of those things and was happy to tell her about them. Perhaps I even boasted a little about riding the waves of a hurricane.
She sighed at one point, and wished to see the sunset from the beach, just one more time.
We hadn’t spoken of her future, but I was beginning to think it would be lovely to have such a companion at my summer home. Someone who loved the sea animals as I did.
So I granted her wish. We rose out of the waves and settled on the beach. I released her bubble. She took a deep breath and blessed me with a blinding smile. And then she turned me into a statue.