And here we are again.
Writers Digest writing prompt
The wizard’s terror bolt lances overhead. You shout back to your party that you’re going in. Dagger held high and ice shard at the ready you tear towards the dastardly spell caster. How does your fight play out?

Okay. Why would you hold your dagger high? I did a search and found Talhoffer Dagger Class It looks like the typical attack is overhanded, striking downward. But I never fought like that. My dagger fighting (limited) was thrusting, like my rapier/foil fighting. Anyway, this is a spell caster. I don’t think I’m going to rush him with a dagger in my hand. I think a ranged attack would more appropriate.
Which brings me to the ice shard. Why am I carrying an ice shard? I assume that it is actually an icicle. I guess that means the party is in an ice cave of some sort – or in the frozen north – or in winter? Something to examine later. But I’m going to throw my ice shard at the wizard and hope to disrupt his concentration and mess up his spell. And if I’m lucky and roll the right die, maybe I’ll do damage.
And rolling…