National Novel Writing Month is November. I have never tried it because it is in November. November includes Thanksgiving – a time I know that I will not have time to write due to family interactions. It also used to include social group things (like Southern Crusades). While I have not camped at Southern Crusades in many years, I may end up going for the day as it is only a few miles from my parents’ place. My burn out on that particular social group may be addressed in a different post.
Anyway, I am going to try NanoWriwk. National Novel Writing Week – my own made-up thing. I have taken a class on “Write your novel in a month,” but as usual, I get envolved in the research and plotting and never actually get to writing anything. This year will be different! I will write as much as I can in one week in November (that week to be determined yet). I should probably do it this coming week as I will be housesitting and will have limited family/friend interactions – but… Ah hesitation, the death of me.
I miss my daily posts. Not sure ya’ll do (if there any of ya’ll out there), but I am surprised that I miss writing 100+ words daily. So maybe I’ll do that again too. And free write for a week (no editing, just spewing words on the page about one subject in hopes that it forms itself into a story) in November (or next week).
Neil Gaiman’s advice:

How does one get published?
How do you do it? You do it.
You write.
You finish what you write.

Or, as Nike says, ‘Just do it’