From TV Tropes
Setting: bell tower
Plot: Reading Is Cool Aesop
Narrative Device: Everyone Knows Morse
Hero: Good Is Not Nice
Villain: Evil Genius
Character As Device: Inexplicably Identical Individuals
Characterization Device: Daddys Girl

Of course I have to look all of these things up now, which wouldn’t leave me much time to write.
Bell/clock tower. I watched an episode of Arrow last night that had a few scenes in a clock tower. Arrow of course had to swing in through the main glass face of the tower and assist in saving the day.
Reading is Cool Aesop. This is about reading a book reflects real life or the book is a portal to an adventure. It reminds me of the Princess Bride.
Narrative devices move the story forward or organize a scene or sequence. I’m not sure I follow how Morse Code would do that.
Good is not Nice hero. A hero who is morally slanted to the good but is rude. I know a few of those.
Evil Genius. Physically unimposing and knows how to use the evil device.
Identical Individuals. Exact same person – reminds me of Fringe.
Daddy’s Girl. Follows in her father’s footsteps or is father’s favorite or has a closer relationship with father than mother. Arrow’s Laurel Lance is a Daddy’s Girl in that she and her father are the only ones left in the family pretty much after Oliver Queen happens.

I’ll have to ponder these things and report my results later.