So yesterday’s idea sparked a different one.
This one is about the wives of Victorian nobles who band together to form their own club researching magic in order to get back at their husbands.
The husbands’ club is holding a competition to see who can successfully exhibit mind control. One husband selects children as his subjects. He steals their teeth (which are kept by the mother for some reason – did they have the tooth fairy in Victorian England?) and using some sort of ritual magic (voodoo hoodoo) turns them into mindless zombies. The wife and her friends think this is completely unacceptable, and form their own secret club to get back at the husbands – who find the competition more interesting than the ladies they married. Women in the Victorian era did not have a good time – at least from the point of view of this Wikipedia article. The women in the story are nobles, so their plights are slightly better – but not so of their servants. I suspect the Moral Premise of this story is going to be about fair treatment of all. The book has a formula that says psychological moral vice leads to physical detriment but psychological moral virtue leads to physical betterment. This idea is stated differently in the actual book but the idea is to put the virtue opposite its vice.
I don’t necessarily want to write about women’s lib, so maybe I’ll lighten up the idea. More things to ponder.