On Halloween this year, I had a dress-up team day thing at work. We dressed up as Word Girl and did an obstacle course. We came in last in that timed competition, but we won best dressed team. Woohoo. Then after work I drove to Sierra Vista to meet up with Em, Dulcinea, and Am to go to a wiccan samhain event that had a band. We were late – and so we missed the circle (but got there in time to hear my sister talk about how she had to put her dog, Shadow, down that morning. That was a sad surprise.) The band was Four Shillings Short (and they desperately need a new website). Aodh Og is from Cork and he helped my sister with the pronunciations of various words in Irish. And he was amusing. Christie is from America but has lived all over the world, including India where she studied the Sitar with a disciple of Ravi Shankar.
The concert was in the living room, which was picturesque. The whole house was picturesque. There were about 20 people, maybe less. Four Shillings Short played for about two hours. It was awesome. They would finish a song, and then explain about the instruments they played (they had a ton of very cool historical or folk instruments, including bowed psalteries, a hammered dulcimer that had a damper pedal – very cool – and a tenor recorder.)
They travel around the states in a van (packed with instruments) and expect to be in the Bisbee area again in 2017. They “live” in Cupertino, but aren’t there very much, as they take a long time to get from coast to coast. They hope to go to Ireland and Europe to tour soon.
Fun fun.
The original plan was to go to this event and then hit Bisbee for the Halloween silliness. We didn’t make it to Bisbee proper. My sister and her beau went on to stay the night in the Copper Queen, and the rest of us went to stay with Em (who, as usual, offered great hospitality).