I interrupt this writing blog to write about AC/DC. WTF Phil Rudd? Yes, I’m doing meth and smoking pot and I’m gonna hire someone to kill two people. It’s not like I have anything to lose. Not a national tour or a record to promote or anything. Christoncrutches man!
And you show up in court without shoes on? Your body guards were laughing at you.
What happened to that suave guy who used to race formula 1 cars?
And Malcolm has dementia. I was thinking cancer – the poor guy – but no, the head of the AC/DC empire – the guy who makes their strategic decisions has dementia. Oye. That sucks. At 60-ish. I’d call that early onset.
So – who is going to be the drummer on the new tour? Are they bringing back Simon?
And who is the other guy in the band’s promotional material? It must be Angus’ nephew Stevie – and he looks old too.
Sigh. Did I say that?
I guess rock stars should go out with a bang.