The 12-Day Plan

Day 3:
Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

Caveat: I have not been to every place in the world, so I have not seen the most beautiful place – and beauty is in the attitude of the viewer.

Sunrise through a bank of clouds that are gathered on the top of the eastern mountain, waiting to pour over into the valley like foam at the lip of a mug. As the sun rises, the sky, in fairly quick procession, changes color from pale white-yellow, like the most delicate of flowers, to a light orange, to a blushing pink. Suddenly the sky is blazing orange, red, and purple. The clouds go from ominous gray to pinkish to a purple that reflects the sky. The moment lasts for mere heart beats, and then fades as the sun peaks over the mountains and climbs out of its bed into the sky. The clouds regain their white tops and lose color from their dark bottoms. Briefly, the sky is a brilliant blue.
Then the clouds, filled to the brim, gush over and bring another cool gray winter day.