I watched the first episode MidSomer Murders last night, which was okay. I felt like the acting of the main character was a little off – he has a voice like Roger Moore, so that might have thrown me a bit. It seems very Agatha Christie to me – which is fine. I like that. The author of the books that this TV show is based on won an Agatha Award for the first story in 1988. It got me thinking…I went to a AZ Mystery Writers’ meeting over the weekend. It was about arson (see Firebug story thought). I have no real idea on how to write a mystery – but I like reading them. Many books have some sort of mystery element, just like many books have some sort of romantic element in them. So I thought I’d study the first episode of MidSomer Murders and see if I can generate my own mystery – based on a medievalish fantasy setting. What I know so far: setting: walled town with castle on an estuary, with a village across the bridge. Like Conwy Wales (which is lovely and I want to go back). hero: The area Marshall. He’s a veteran of the zombie wars (find a new word for zombie), which ended a year or two before. He is in charge of keeping the town and nearby villages safe. His second charge is to check for signs of zombies coming back, which he does with the ME. The Marshall is the captain of the town’s defenses. He has a ‘dog’ companion. He has an interest in azam (mechanical things). The ME – called the Apothecary? Alchemist? Medic? Cleric? Healer? The lawyer – he calls out the new laws (post zombie wars) and helps the Marshall interpret them. Sidekick? Azam is magic. The mage. This person is has knowledge of azam and is also (secret) from a different dimension (21st century modern world). He understands the workings of mechanical things, electricity, and computers. All sorts of things a modern person ‘knows’ that the medieval person did not. He’s an engineer (which they call a Planner) and he’s a mage (which has a different name too). There is azam he doesn’t understand – which what he calls true magic. The hero is not married, but now that the war is over and he has a steady job, he wants to get married. He’s kind of stuck on Mrs. Innkeeper, who has an eligible daughter (the hero is not interested in the daughter – but the sidekick might be). Mr. Innkeeper is an abusive ass. Heralds (announcers) work for the lawyer and seneschal – they are messengers and make announcements. Most people cannot read or are just learning to read, and just learning to write. There are posts around town that magically tell people what the news is. They also can magically report a problem (call the police) – like emergency phones, but with writing or something. The mage created them to help in the town’s defense. The hero’s dog. (secret) A Wolfling – a wolf that turns into a human when the moon is dark. The wolfling rescued the hero during the zombie wars and the hero rescued the wolfling back afterward, when people were killing anything monster-like.