I was surfing around confirming the name of something at work. You’d be amazed at some of the names that come through on the reports I edit. Anyway, I found an article about sibling position. This article went into a little more depth about a topic that Laurie Schnebly Campbell talked about in a workshop that I read.
If your character is an only child or if she has siblings makes a difference. Her reaction to others in a group dynamic (say a team) situation could be partially determined by her birth order/sibling position. For example, Tony Stark is an only child, first born. According to Schnebly Campbell, he should be the smartest, most popular, and most athletic. Everyone loves him. Also, since he is an only child, he has a motto of “to know me is to love me.”
In Tony Stark’s case, I think there is the added benefit of rebel. He’s a brat and he knows it. No one can touch him because of his superior intellect. In using Tami Cowden’s archetypes, I think he’d be A Charmer
(I guess Tony Stark is on my mind because I watched Iron Man 3 last night).
Anyway, just some thoughts on how characters interact based on something they have no control over – their birth order. Happy Friday!