Here I am again at Wednesday before Feast Day.
My inner voices are silent. I don’t even have an itch to write. So I figured it would be a great time to revise.
Lovely idea. I should do that sometime this weekend (which starts this afternoon) in between visiting with my family and stuffing my face. And of course, I’d have to have written something editable first…

Writing Prompt

[WP] An archaeologist uncovers an ancient book, he loves the hieroglyphics but cannot understand them. He gets a tattoo of one of the hieroglyphics on his arm and realizes it now can no longer be harmed…he begins to translate the book and get more, unique tattoos

The old library was silent, as libraries should be – but this one had an expectant silence it seemed. Pale light peeked in through tall windows and moth-eaten velvet curtains, showing various lumps of covered furniture and streamers of spiderwebs hanging from the chandelier. Joel leaned further into the room from the doorway, reluctant to enter the silence.
The room had a window, then a bookcase, then a window, and a bookcase on one-side, then a wall of windows in front of which sat a large covered lump that he assumed would be the great man’s desk, then a solid wall of bookshelves from floor to sixteen foot ceilings, complete with a brass and wood ladder on a roller. And oh, what books.
Joel found himself standing in the middle of the room without consciously moving there.
What books!
Cornelius Grant, famed archeologist and adventurer, had collected tomes, scrolls, and pamphlets from all over the world. He even wrote a few, including the Secret of Kings and A History of Lesvos. Cornelius also won awards and was a great philanthropist, funding a school of archeology at Boston University. During his very busy life, he even managed to get married and have a son, who grew up wild and willful. That son had a son, and now the great man’s library, and the surrounding mansion, was his. Joel hoped that he could repair the family name and bring the great man’s glory back.
Having to sell this wondrous place was going to suck.