Hi there – I have not abandoned you. Just have been busy (and lazy).
I wrote (on paper – gasp!) a scene that I may transcribe on this blog one of these days. I’ll have to transcribe it anyway if it turns into anything.
It turns out that scene is related to the Conwy murder/zombie thing.
My boy John the detective is without a partner. He goes to see a widow about her unruly dog, which has bitten someone. Since the zombie outbreak, biting is a serious thing – and so the dog is scheduled to be killed. Of course the widow says “my dog would never do that.” So it’s John’s job to prove or disprove the dog bite – which turns out to be a werewolf. And the dog becomes John’s partner. The widow seemed to remember John, but couldn’t say why. He didn’t remember her.
The zombie outbreak was five years ago, and the “Event” was three years ago. The “Event” was the government’s answer to the zombies. Some chemical or magical or high tech EMP type thing cleared out the zombies, wiped out a lot of technology, and a lot of memories. Print books are very valuable, and of course, reading is a much needed skill.
John calls his bicycle a “pedal-wheel,” as cars are gone or limited to the elite government/emergency systems. He’s afraid of horses.
Horses are equines and cows are bovines – so he knows them by their latin names but not their common names – or that is something he had to relearn. The book that told him what they were was an encyclopedia that had both names – kind of confusing. He has a “stim” implant on his right temple (as many people do) which helps him stay focused. It’s just a little electrical simulation – so when his brain wanders off (about what the common name for bovine is, for example), he can touch his temple, get a little jolt, and it resets his monkeymind. (wish I had one of those)
John’s ME/Council contact is Mr. Needle (although his name is really Hans Kneedlehans). Mr. Needle said “Well, if I’m the needle, then you must be one of my threads. Together we will keep this town sewn up.” So Mr. Needle calls John “Officer Thread” and later “Detective Thread” although that is not John’s last name. It’s something Welsh.
ALso – Conwy is pronounced Conwee and Wales is now Whales – named after (supposedly) the large fish in the nearby ocean. John doesn’t buy this because the ocean has a nasty slick of something on it and most things that come out of the ocean are dead or dying (due to the “Event”). Most fresh water is contaminated also – so people have to drink filtered water. Llandudno Junction is now called Yanduth.