According to the Urban Dictionary, “meh” means:
Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care.
And there’s “ennui,” which according to Dictionary.Com means:
a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.

Once upon a time Ennui (pronounced on-wii in this case) and Meh met online. They were looking for entertainment, but not really. Ennui suggested, halfheartedly, that they go see a movie. Meh responded with a grunt, which is how Meh usually communicates. Meh suggested going out for dinner. Ennui sighed.

So this is my mood about writing this morning. Whine whine. I’m not sure why. I love to write, I just feel “meh” when I think about it. All I really want to do is spend the day on the couch being entertained by documentaries. I can’t even get enough enthusiasm up to take myself to see the new Hobbit movie, which I know will be good, or to watch the missed episodes of The Librarians or SHIELD or Grimm. I could play World of Warcraft, but “meh.” I need to play my guitar. Meh. I really should write something – anything! – and meh.
But what I’m going to do is go to work. Meh.

Meh could be a great syncopation agent. Do this do that, meh. Dance here dance there, meh. It’s like a kick drum that sounds like a cardboard box. No reverb, no depth. Yet it has presence – you can feel it in the bones of your body like being hit by a fluffy pillow. If you stood in front of the stack of speakers, your pant leg might move.

Why the sudden (or not so sudden) attack of ennui? I’m not sure. Yesterday was wonderful. There was snow on the cars and the rooftops in the morning, the mountains looked fancy dressed in white, the trees sparkled as the sun melted the frost. Beautiful. I spent a lovely day with Cos and family, ate two good meals, saw Raven and her family. It was a full day. A fun day. But meh today. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and I have to work after having a day off yesterday.

I don’t know, I don’t care. Meh.