Yep – that’s me. I’m a slug, but not your garden variety. I’m an evolved slug. A not-of-this-world slug. Hard to imagine? Slugs exist throughout the known universe. We have diverse and interesting cultures. I’m not sure about your Terra-bound variety, but my species is evolved and advanced. We have slug technology.
The Terran slug and the extraterrestrial slug varieties do have things in common. We pretend to write, we pretend to read, we eat, we watch Sienfeld reruns. And we leave a trail. My trail [omg, I just looked up slug trail and found Seattle Slug Trail. Not rated PG]…My trail is glittery and has nothing to do with the human slug trail, yuck. The glitter in the trail serves two functions: to show where I’ve been for those enlightened enough to see the trail and to spread stardust and smiles.
One other thing we have in common: we are slow moving, because the journey is more important than the destination.

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