So I went back to San Diego for a visit this past weekend (Jan 16-19). K is now a grandmother and is beside herself with the “adores” for the little guy. Daveo is also smitten. The parents are happy, which is good. The Kelly’s are fine. N got her master’s degree in oriental medicine/acupuncture. Now she just has to pass her boards and get her license. Woot! Yan and Deb came down from Ventura, and Eoin down from Long Beach. Saw Sarena and Amber. Saw The Fooks mark ii — the version where Dale is singing instead of drumming. They had a guest drummer from Lexington Park (another SD Irish band). The normal singer was off in LA supporting his fabulous wife in a new venture for her – she’s directing a play. It was good to see the band. Loves them. Sigh.
Anyway, just wanted to make a note here to say that the trip was awesome. Stayed one night at the Kelly’s new abode, then two nights at the Lafayette Hotel – which was awesome. The room was kind of small, but on the third floor. We could see D & K’s house from the window, which was both neat and kinda creepy in a stalker/sniper sort of way. The hotel had a jazz convention happening that weekend, so we heard a lot of partial music and saw a bunch of jazz teachers. Went to several new restaurants including The Patio (in Mission Hills), Wonderland (in Ocean Beach), and The Draft (in Mission Beach). Visited some old haunts, including Small Bar and The Parkhouse Eatery (both in University Heights). The Lafayette Hotel has a new restaurant – no longer Imig’s – now Hope 46 (after Bob Hope).
Went to The Black because Carolina loves it – so I had to visit for her (as she is unable to visit at the moment).
Kudos to myself for not getting hammered and sick. Huzzah and like that.
Went to Gallagher’s in OB (where the Fooks were). Amber and Sarena joined us there. Sarena was kind enough to drive home. Amber stayed and tried to hook up with the cute doorman.
I miss my people, miss the neighborhood and the weather, don’t miss the traffic