From a dream last night:
The US and other nations had gotten into a nuclear war, and so everyone had to stay inside or wear protective gear to survive the radiation. The people and animals that didn’t survive turned into mutants (monsters).
Persons who were responsible for ensuring the safety of the populace were called Eyes of Gargul (yes – a Pathfinder DnD cleric class – I read about that yesterday and dreamed about it last night so…) The Eyes had two suits that protected them from the radiation. One was gray and the other a darker gray with a smattering of gold sparkles? And now that I’m writing this dream down, I have forgotten the significance of the two suits. It was brilliant whatever it was (yep – should have gotten up to write it down). Anyway, the Eyes have special powers and they go out and fight monsters – like adventurers in Dungeons and Dragons.
Spin in some Continuum-like things (maybe that’s where the suit idea came from?) and paranoia about radiation, and an evil government trying to hide things from the citizens – or citizens who are trying to hide something from the government – or both. Chaos. Toss in a little Walking Dead – and it might be an interesting game or story.
And note that I didn’t say “original idea” here.