warning – I feel a whine coming on. Quick – get the cheese!

Some scientists announced that some level of stress is required in order for life to have meaning. No stressors, no action. No action, no living.
So we go about our lives and add stessors, so that we can feel like we’re alive. I guess.
Apart of those stressors are the elusive spondulicks. If you have none, chances are your stress level is high. Even if you work a full-time job and try to live a frugal lifestyle, those spondulicks remain hard to catch and hard to hold on to. Not only is not having enough spondulicks a drag, it’s emotionally exhausting.
Perhaps that’s my issue today. I’m just not capturing enough spondulicks to make the work day worth my while. I like my job, I really do. Today, I resent all the little shit that goes into my job. The myriad of little rules that must be remembered – and then followed correctly. Gods forbid something isn’t done exactly right. And yeah – so we changed that rule when you weren’t looking. ::insert buzzer sound here:: Do it again..
I think Pink Floyd mentioned it in a song (Another Brick in the Wall).

So – feeling the grind today.
If happiness is a state of mind, I’d like to move there. If it’s a different country – I wonder how I can get a passport? Hopefully it’s not expensive because – yep you guessed it – I ain’t got no spondulicks to get there.

ah samsara, I see you.