Hi there. How are you? I hope you are well and happy and that all things are going your way 🙂
I’ve been writing elsewhere (whoo hoo) and feeling a bit of wheel spin, but I will get through it. More writing, less whining (less wine-ing? waaa).
D.E.W.S.N.I.F. started with a drug sniffing dog named Tess, who worked at the Miami airport. She had a good track record and unfortunately pissed off a drug smuggler who set a trap for her and her handler. Her handler died and her nose/smelling capabilities were shot. As her handler was also her owner, she was taken to the pound. Some dumbass hunter picked her up and they went hunting in southern New Mexico. Tess had not been neutered because her original owner hoped that she, when they retired from TSA, could be bred.
So – Tess escapes or is abandoned in New Mexico. She mates with a newly relocated Mexican Grey wolf who had rabies. Then she is captured by the dog catcher and adopted again. This time her new owner is a mad scientist who works for DARPA and is doing experiments on various animals to make them more useful as anti-terrorist and anti-drug smuggling tools. Tess would have been perfect for what he had in mind but her sence of smell is gone. But her half-wolf puppies are a-ok. In fact, the first male puppy, called Mike, is the premiere D.E.W.S.N.I.F.
Mike also has rabies (like his father) and now has enhanced sniffing abilities and learned extreme hatred for smugglers from his smart momma dog, Tess.
So – out on patrol with an unsuspecting border patrol agent, Mike smells cocaine and goes balistic. His rabies kick in, and he eats the smuggler. The border patrol agent is freaked out, but DARPA thinks -oh yeah, this rocks.
They make more D.E.W.S.N.I.F. agents. The CIA borrows some DEWSNIFs and sends them to ISIS.
Anyway – the story is to be written as news articles or news blurbs. Eventually someone lets a DEWSNIF (tired of the periods, sorry) loose on capital hill and it causes havoc in congress.
You’d think that the wolves would evolve in to werewolves but I am kind of leaning toward just leaving them as wolves for the moment. There are many werewolf stories out there – but not so many rabid drug sniffing defenders of the US territories.

smile – it’s funny.

What I really wanted to make a note of here today is that I want to write (or read) a story about a person who is transported (in some manner) to a world where the people are their animal representations. Have you ever met or seen someone who looks like a pet? Imagine a woman with stright long hair and a long thin nose suddenly being the Afghan hound she resembles. And throw in the Doctor Who episode with the cat women who are nurses in New New New New New etc. New York.
Anyway – carry on.