Pardon the interruption of the Time story. I need to record this so that next year, I can remember what I did for K’s birthday.
I took Friday May 1st as a vacation day and flew out to San Diego. The night before (which would make it, on most calendars, April 30) I went to dinner with my aunt and my second cousin Tom and his wife Judy. Evidently we’d met many many years ago when I was much much younger. They are nice people. It was a good visit. I resolved to see more of my aunt.
Friday May 1. Flew to San Diego – read “Playing Dirty” by Jennifer Echols on the plane. Uneventful flight. Nik picked me up, which was very nice. We went to K’s house and met up with E and hung out for a bit, waiting for my brother T and his partner Deb to arrive. Evidently they arrived before I did. They were staying at the Lafayette Hotel – which was wonderful as usual. They had a poolside room this time and as the weather was warm, there were many bathing beauties in bikinis out. And we went to the bar and waited for Daveo to show. Had lunch.
Then we parted and T and Deb took naps and we drank at K’s. Then T and Deb came over and we called Rob the Taxi and went to Ocean Beach for sushi at The Joint. Very very tasty. Rob was grouchy as usual. Drank more. Went to see the Fooks at Gallaghers. Gary, the bass player was in Chek Republic for some reason, so they had a stand-in stand-up bass player named Steve, who was nice. Steve plays with the Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas (or something like that). One of his bandmates played penny whistle for a few songs. We stayed for the first set, and the Fooks sang Happy Birthday to K. We danced. Then we caught Rob the Taxi back to the Lafayette, where we had a nightcap and then went to bed. Or the rest of the party did. I had drank too much so I spent my evening in the bathroom. It was mild but I was hungover on Saturday.
Saturday was beach day at Mission Beach and Belmont Park. We had breakfast at the Lafayette and then headed to Mission Beach. Unfortunately, the park across the street was having some basketball thingy so parking was much more of a challenge than we had anticipated. Nik and Steveo joined us and we went to the Wave House for snacks and drinks, and then up to Cannonball Sushi for snacks and drinks. We watched the Kentucky Derby there. All three of the horses that I picked won (not in the exact order but they all won. My first tri-fecta-ish). Too bad I didn’t bet anything. Then K and most of the others rode the bumper cars. T and I decided we’d play miniature golf and do the zip line the next time we were there. And spend more time on the actual beach (near the water). I did put my feet in, but that wasn’t enough beach/ocean for me. So next time.
Took an uber back. First time for that.
Dinner happened at the Russian place across the street from the Lafayette. The food was really good, especially the cheese pie. By that time we were all exhausted.
Sunday we had breakfast at Adams Ave Grill and T and Deb went back to LA. The rest of us went to the Fleet Science Center at Balboa park. There we watched an imax movie about humpbacked whales and played with the science exhibits. Then we met Nik at a bar that used to be a pharmacy. Very cool looking inside. Strong drinks. Good food from the adjoining snack place. Then we hung out at K’s for a bit and then I went home.
All and all a good time. San Diego is lovely. I wish I could afford to live there.