“Not my wife? Of course that’s my wife. I married her didn’t I?”
Logic used to be my friend but I suspected that it, along with everything else in my life, had gone sideways.
Reggie pulled me along to his spaceship. At least, it looked like a spaceship. It was oblong, like a tear drop, with gleaming metal and odd arching metal supports over the top. He pushed a button and pulled me inside.
I was expecting a house, as the in the van, but it was more metal with controls. It sort of reminded me of the inside of the Millennium Falcon except it had better lighting and the floor was covered in rubber mats, similar to those one would find in a professional kitchen.
Reggie let go of my arm and I followed him into the control center. There he turned on some monitors, and I could see Corrine and Coltrane searching the area near the car crash. In the background, emergency services were pulling the cars apart.
“That lady is not your wife,” he said again.
“Okay. I’ll play. That lady is, sometimes, my not-wife from 2035, Captain Klemensky.”
He gave me a sharp look. “So you know?”
“Sure – the Captain is coming through in waves.”
He looked confused.
“Temporal possession.”
His young face scrunched up in disgust. “You’re kidding. That’s how they did it?” He slammed his hand on the control panel in front of him, “Those bastards.”
I ignored his outburst and watched the monitor. “Why can’t they see us?”
“Ignorance field,” he turned and showed me the device on his wrist. “This is the portable unit and the ship has a more powerful one. Not really invisibility but close to it.”
“Like Douglas Adams’ SEP field?”
“That’s where we got the idea.”
I laughed, “I’ve been caught in one of those all days.”
He snorted at my joke and turned back to the control panel.
Outside, on the monitor, I saw Corrine put her hand to her head and then look around. Coltrane said something to her and she gave him a frightened look.
The ship I was in started to vibrate.
“Wait! I can’t leave her.”
Reggie glanced at the monitor. Corrine was backing slowly away from Coltrane, her hands out in a sort of warding gesture.
“There’s no way that lady is coming on here.”
“But that’s not the Captain – that’s my wife.” Coltrane had his gun pointed at her.
I rushed back to the door but couldn’t figure out how to get out. I pushed random buttons and a red light appeared over the door and blinked at me. Reggie appeared a moment later.
“She can’t come in here. I can’t afford the security breach.”
“If she can’t come in, let me out. Coltrane’s gonna shoot her.”
I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close to my face. “Let me out.”