Whoa Nelly. Stop the train.
Henry – why did you knock your wife out? You aren’t in to violence.
Well, I needed to take her onto Reggie’s ship but Reggie wouldn’t accept her when she had the possibility of being possessed by the Captain. Reggie hasn’t explained why the Captain is bad yet, but I’ve a feeling that she is. Coltrane too, especially after Coltrane pointed a gun at 2015 Corrine. Anyway, if Corrine was unconscious, then no one could be possessing her (I hope) – and Reggie would allow her on the ship. Seeing as I didn’t have any other immediate way to do that – like blindfold her or tie her up – knocking her out seemed to be the right thing to do.
Was it?
I don’t know. She’s going to be really pissed at me, and I’m feeling pretty crappy about it too. Reggie better have a good explanation.
And why do you trust Reggie? He’s already told you that he wants to kill Corrine and in fact has killed 1999 Corrine and her father. What’s going to keep him from killing 2015 Corrine now that she’s on his ship? And what if he wants to kill you too? You only have his word that he was trying for Corrine (backed up by his later attack on her) and not you. Maybe he wants both of you dead.
But why’d he bring me into the ship then? He could have just gotten away. Or shot me with his electric gun thingy.
Seriously, Henry my boy, why aren’t you dead? You’ve been hit over the head, shot, disintegrated by a temporal node, and crushed by a car.
Obviously I’m important. I keep coming back to life.
I’d ask you why but I’m fairly certain you don’t know.
I do not dispute that.
How do you feel about this “temporal possession kills” statement?
I’m not sure. If it does kill, then Corrine is a goner because the Captain has possessed her a lot.
Are you convinced that Corrine Klemensky is not Corrine Wainwright?
The facts seem to imply that they are not the same person. The Corrine I know may threaten to shoot someone, but wouldn’t. She may kick that person in the shin, or write a scathing letter to the editor, but shoot?
In fact, it seems that – according to Reggie mind you – that her shot is what caused him to crash into the back of the Olds and kill you. Do you buy that?
JEEEZUS. Where’s that box of Franzia when I need it? Ugh. Yes, I buy it.
Do you buy that Corrine developed time travel for the sole reason of saving your life?
No. Coltrane stated as much. And I don’t think she developed it alone. There’s that strange Almstedt guy and her licentious boss, Charles. They have something to do with it too.
Do you think there’s actually an alien invasion?
The jury is still out on that one. So far, all I’ve seen evidence of is time travel and alternate realities.
Well, counselor, what do you surmise?
Reggie has information. I’m going to get it from him, and then, hopefully enlightened, Corrine and I can find our way back to our time/reality.