So here’s a great commentary about having time to read and the length of the modern novel by Moira Allen.
The article came at a great time (ha) for me, because I was considering blowing off an in-person roll playing game to stay home and watch TV and lay on the couch.
While I did do some world building/character building today, I have not actually written anything in a long time. And at some point this weekend I thought “Why? Why bother? What difference does it make if I write something?”
My heart cried and my wiser self answered, “Because, silly, you love it.”
“But no one reads it. I’ll never be published.”
“You’ll never be published if you don’t write it in the first place.”
Ha. Conundrum.
Facebook or some other social media outlet (I can’t remember which) had some posts recently about how kids of today are learning how to take tests and not how to think because the schools no longer provide creative outlets – only route learning. Whatever your opinion of that is, I bid you, please – go out (out of the house away from the computer. Put down the phone) and do something creative today, with others.
And read. No more satisficing.
Do it Pongo