Her heart raced uncomfortably and she struggled to stop the wheelchair from moving. She didn’t want to die, she realized.
“You can have my car, my wallet, whatever. Just don’t hurt me,” she said and felt pathetic at the whine in her voice.
He stopped and came around to look at her.
“It’s not going to hurt.”
He was huge. She hadn’t really looked at him when he showed up at her door, but the man was just enormous – 280 pounds possibly and somewhere way over six feet tall. He face reminded her of the side of a cliff, and his hair the brown bushes clinging to it. His eyes were overly large, it seemed, and his irises…She looked more closely, momentarily forgetting to struggle. His irises had two pupils per eye and looked like they were in the process of dividing like a cell or a protozoa divides.
Her heart pounded painfully and she struggled to get away, anywhere away, out of the chair, back to the familiar.
He tried to calm her but after a moment gave up and went back to the rear of the chair and continued pushing.
Her legs wouldn’t work.
“Goddamn bad genes. Take me back to the parking lot. Take me home. I don’t want to go wherever you’re taking me.”
He didn’t say anything but picked up the chair and calmly carried her off the path and into the mud.