So Chris Squire, bass player for the band Yes, has died. He was a wonderful musician. I am sad. I had a chance to see Yes again and didn’t because I’m lazy and broke. I am lucky to have seen the band several times. And I guess I could use this as an impetus to go see other aging musicians that I may never see again. Such as going to see B.B. King. Oh wait, I missed that boat too.

In writing news, there is an amusing article from LitReactor about making time to write.
This is an excerpt:

12. There’s a reason your cell phone possesses dictation applications. The NSA is hoping you accidentally trigger the app while in the middle of important conversations with your local bomb distributor. Okay, actually, there’s two reasons these applications exist: the other reason being that sometimes the best ideas come while you are driving, and as I can personally attest, it is extremely difficult—although not impossible—to write while behind the wheel of a car. But why stop at just driving? You can write using dictation apps during many other activities: baths, sex, jump rope, laundry, you name it. Note: if you attempt to write while engaging in intercourse, you may get punched in the face.

We Have Heaven
Tell the moon, don’t tell the marcher eh?