Creation Simulator
By: Brian A. Klems | May 28, 2015 | Comments 355

As you close your eyes you feel as if you’re being lifted. Yes, higher and higher until you decide to open your eyes. You see a vast world before [you], one new to your eyes. A voice booms out: “This is yours now, craft it well.” How do you shape this world? What inhabits it?…

Patricia Wrede has a long list of questions to ask about building a world for a fantasy (and other) settings.
So – note to self, spend some time on Patricia Wrede’s blog because it looks interesting.
Today, I’d like to craft my world to be calm; full of confidence, gratitude, and grace; and free from anxiety. That’s what I want my world to be today.
A friend, Marie Andreas, pointed me in the direction of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.
Both good places to spend more time, Pongo. You should do that too.

I want creative and supportive people to inhabit my world today. I want freedom from the clock today too.
man, you are full of wants aren’t you. Get in line.
Yep, basketcase.