“Wallace.” Captain Hurley barked at her as he stomped over to them.
“I thought he’d gone,” Sam whispered to her partner.
“Sorry,” he mouthed.
“Yes sir?” Sam turned and smiled at her captain.
“You done here? We got to get this site cleaned up before the news catches word.”
“Almost sir. Just getting a statement. We’ll be out in 15.”
He gave her a stern look and then stomped back to his SUV. It sped off with a squeal of tires.
Sam turned to the witness.
“Sorry for the interruption, ma’am. Is there anything else you can tell us? Anyone else pass you on the trail?”
The lady picked up her dog and cradled it like a baby. Sam took a small step backward.
“Yes,” she said, drawing out the ‘s.’ “A bicyclist past me and almost ran poor Rocky over. Other than that, no one passed me or came by until the officers showed up.”
Sam and T-Bone thanked her.
Rocky snapped at Sam’s hand as she tried to give the witness a business card.
“Sorry, dear. He’s probably just upset with all this commotion.”
T-Bone pried the card from Sam’s hand and handed it off to the lady. Then he pet the dog on the head.
The lady went on her way.
“Thanks for rubbing it in.” Sam punched him in the arm.
He laughed.
“I can’t believe the Captain. Yesterday he rags on me about not being thorough and today he wants me to be quick.”
T-Bone snorted.
“He probably wants you thorough and quick.” He made a face but Sam wasn’t watching him.
“Us, buddy. He wants us to be thorough and quick,” she said absently and walked toward a kid on a bicycle who’d stopped to check out the crime scene. The kid got off his bike and was fingering the crime scene tape.
“Hey. Kid.”
The kid gave her a frightened look and reached for his bike.