“Hay que bueno,” T-Bone muttered. Sam noticed a broadcast van hovering on the road near their cruiser. The police’s reputation could be damaged – one of the Captain’s edicts; “Thou shalt not blemish the TPD’s image” – if they handled the news reporter in anything but a friendly manner. The Captain didn’t need additional reasons to harass her.
She nudged T-Bone in the ribs and smiled.
“Mr. Boveri,” Sam extended her hand, “What can we do for you?”
Joel smiled widely and shook her hand and Sam immediately wanted to wipe it on her pant leg.
“What’s this crime scene?”
“We’re still investigating, Mr. Boveri, so I’m not at liberty to release information.”
He frowned, his busy eyebrows curling down, making his face look like a gargoyle. Sam caught a glimpse of a camera man coming around the edge of the van.
“The news,” he started to protest, stepping forward to get into her face. T-Bone stepped in between them. Boveri’s head came to his chest. The reporter stepped back.
“I am aware of the need to let the public know of any possible danger, Mr. Boveri. However, we have yet to determine the exact parameters of that danger – so it’d been unwise for us to release any information yet. I can say that we found a body in the wash. We’re not sure if it is due to natural causes or foul play at this point.”
Boveri grunted and folded his arms across his chest. T-Bone mirrored him.
Sam fished out her wallet and found the PR Officer’s card. She handed it to the reporter.
“Check with Officer Mendez in a few hours. I am sure she will be able to offer you more information at that time.”
Boveri snatched the card from her hand and stuffed it in his pocket.
“I’ll be back.” Boveri turned and walked back to his van, waving the camera man off.