Sam carefully placed T-Bone’s coffee on his desk, amid his pile of paperwork. Her own desk, in the next cubical over, had the same amount of excess paper. It was T-Bone’s turn to explain to the Captain why they ended up on the news.
She sat at her own desk and tried to wipe the now dry mud from her pant leg. They’d made it across the wash after the flooding had subsided. None of the crime scene markers, not even the tape, had made it through the storm. E-Witness news had been there though. Helpful Mr. Boveri had stuck a microphone in her face as soon as she and T-Bone scrambled up to the walkway.
Sam may have been less than pleasant to the little gargoyle, and T-Bone may have actually threatened to shoot the camera. Not the camera’s operator, just the camera. She’d been sure to point that out to the Captain. Hurley had pointed out in return (and in a firm but firm voice) that he was sure the cameraman failed to see that distinction.
Her computer beeped at her. The M.E. had sent her his report.
“Inconclusive. Great, doc.”
She read some more and gave her partner an understanding smile when he let out a sigh and flopped into his chair.
“The M.E. report is in.”
T-Bone blew on his coffee to cool it and gestured her to read it for him.
“He said the body was female. That’s just wrong.”
“Well – Larry’s not our victim.”
“Lucky him. The stain on the shirt was blood, but not a DNA match to the body. The arm, however… Oh geeze, I hadn’t thought about that.”
T-Bone thumped the desk when Sam stopped reading aloud.
“Sorry. The arm and the body match – so only one victim. The fingerprints say the victim is a Laura Shoals, 19, born in Virginia and recently enrolled at the University.”
T-Bone shook his head sadly and muttered, “More kids.”